CCWA Community Election Survey

It’s our future, now let’s have our say!

Western Australians care deeply about our natural environment - our clean water, fresh air, and natural landscapes are the foundation of our outdoor lifestyle.

But across the State our environment and way of life is under threat.

Polluting industries like gas fracking and uranium mining are planned, our wildlife is being pushed to extinction, and the places we love are disappearing forever.

Conservation groups have released a blueprint for protecting our environment and transitioning to a clean economy, and we are calling on all political parties to commit to these priorities.

Now it’s your time to have your say. Take the survey and share your priorities with your election candidates!
How much will environmental issues influence the way you cast your vote at the March 2017 State Election?

What do you consider to be the most important environmental issues for the State Government to address during the next term?

Which political party do you normally vote for?

Would you consider changing your vote this election due to environmental issues?

Which party are you considering changing your vote to, and because of which environmental issues?

How do you rate the Barnett Liberal-National State Government on the environment?

How do you rate the McGowan Labor State Opposition on the environment?

Thank you! Your opinion is really important, and we want to make sure candidates know they're from a real person. 

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People and community groups across the State are joining the campaign to put environmental issues on the agenda for all political parties at the March State election.
No matter where you are or which issues you care about, every day matters and every voice counts.
How would you like to help make a difference?

To help us keep you up to date on local issues and engage you in the most effective way possible, please share your details with us (we will never share them with anyone else)!

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Is your super funding pollution?
Did you know that your superannuation fund could be investing your money in damaging industries like gas fracking and fossil fuels?
The good news is it’s easy to join the many CCWA supporters who have already switched their super.
Would you be interested in making the switch to Australia’s fossil-free sustainable super fund?

Thank you for sharing your opinion!

These are your top environmental issues for the State election - why not copy and paste them and email them to your MP below?

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